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Limited Access Specialist "Brian – Tarragindi"

I needed an operator who specialised in tight areas as we had to dig a stormwater channel alongside our neighbour’s home and access was very tight. Previously I used an operator and they damaged 2 downpipes and knocked off a water tap and then told me that’s how it is on some jobs, of course I didn’t want this to happen again so I spent some time looking for someone good. I found Peter from Brisbane Mini Excavations; Peter was very friendly and helpful over the phone so I decided to book him for this job. Peter arrived on time, done a fantastic job and most importantly there was no damage to the house and also Peter was extremely careful in exposing all the main cables and pipes without damaging these too. The job was that good I hired Peter a 2nd time to do my own property which had even less access – originally I was going to hire a mini dingo and do it myself as I was concerned with damage as this is a new quality home. Again Peter done a fantastic job and literally had millimetres on either side and went back and forth hundreds of times and again no damage at all.

I have been very impressed with Peter’s skill and knowledge, I own a major Business Consulting firm and very rarely give recommendations but I would certainly recommend Peter to anyone who needs a ‘limited access specialist’. Thanks Peter for a great job and see you again soon for some more work I have for you

Backfill Retaing wall limited access


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