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Electrical Trench to a Water Pipe Trenching, at Brisbane Mini Excavations we perform a wide range of services to complete your job.


  • Sewer connections and Stormwater Trenches

  • Electrical Trenches

  • Rubble pits and trenching

  • Main water connections and garden watering systems

  • Gas pipe trenches

  • Grey water trenches

  • Rubble Drain trench to catch and divert water

Before any work commeces, please call DIAL BEFORE YOU DIG to locate your service on-site.

If you are unsure,We can assist in obtaining these services.


Limited Access Specialist

Micro Excavator.jpg

Owner Operator Business


Punctual, Quality and Professional


15 years experience


Rubber Tracks and tyres


Fully licenced and insured equipment


Public Liability insurance

0409 000 275

720mm wide access

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